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What NowCast Can Do For Your Business:

AUTOMOTIVE: Split target based on degree of potential product interest

Finance: Provide more relevant content based on financial status and goals (retirement, education, family, vacation)

GOVERNMENT: Listen to constituent needs, deliver talking points, increase campaign contributions

HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGY: Tailor your message to various hospitals, medical departments or patients

RETAIL: Proximity messaging to capture interested shoppers as they approach your store footprint

SPIRITS: Communicate with and develop your brand ambassador relationships and increase your on/off premise share of market

SPORTING EQUIPMENT: Pre-sell or up-sell your latest golf, ski, tennis, sailing products to avid customers

SPORTING EVENTS: Target local fan base to increase tune-in ticket and merchandise sales

Travel: Deliver timely, highly relevant messaging about your destination to the right consumers

TRANSPORTATION (aviation, cruise, car rental): Use relevant travel offers to
enhance consumer acquisition

EDUCATION: Increase alumni support and student applications with relevant targeting

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